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Teddy Has a Web Presence

It's taking a long time with COVID out there, but Teddy is going commercial. The books are slowly, but surely becoming available. Well, the first book in its different manifestations that is. Teddy's first book "Teddy Tusker Visits The Space Center" will be available in paperback, hardcover, and digital download (E-pub). What a technical nightmare, but we are finally becoming somewhat untangled. Signed hardcover copies will be available from this website...soon. COVID has the printer behind. Once I have those in stock I will affix a sales price, tax, and appropriate shipping. I'm an Army of One and a Doxie, Stella, so bear with us.

Book Two is coming together so I hope you stick with us. It should be out in early 2021, if we are still here. I hope you all are well and God is Blessing you like he has Stella and I. Stay Groovy!

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Trip Banks
Trip Banks
Aug 18, 2020

My comments section works. Sweet!

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